How Donald Trump's Presidency Will Be Similar to the General Patton

What Do General Patton and Donald Trump Have in Common They Both Have Ball’s?

Donald Trump: General Patton for President, 2016

Now that he’s president, Donald John Trump reminds me more and more of George Smith Patton, Jr., the victorious World War II General who made the world safe for Liberals. Admired by most of his men and all Americans who wanted to stay that way, the great General Patton was despised by the weak and feared by the enemy. And he wasn’t even rich.

Nothing riles jealousy like power and wealth; and clearly, Trump has both. Unlike all recent Republican candidates, including the one that got away, Trump has made the fortune which makes him beholden to no one. No one can pull strings to make him say this truth or that lie. With Trump and Patton, what you see is what you get: spectacular success, victory for America, destruction of her enemies at home and abroad.

Love him or hate him, misunderstand or misunderestimate him, Donald Trump-Patton gets the job done. The officer and the businessman are bold, brash, exceedingly competent “He-Men,” who win battles and wars. Equally fearless and blunt, Candidate Trump fights his battles in the business fields. Mostly, he wins. When he doesn’t, he re-groups as Patton did, forging ahead to do better next time.

Most important to all Americans, including Liberals, Independents, and Evangelical Republicans who stayed home in 2012 rather than vote for a Mormon, is that Patton and Trump are intrepid, successful men who destroy the enemies who want to kill us. Today’s Liberals vote as it they want to transform America to Cuba, but most don’t want to die before their time.

As Patton might have said: “So f—— what?”

Patton told the truth about the barbarous Nazis and Japanese soldiers; Trump told the truth about outlaws and criminals crossing our southern border, and the Liberal Democrats who protect them

Fearless, triumphant, respected, colorful, obnoxious, unorthodox, strong, inspiring, Donald Trump-Patton is the anti-dote to Obama. Like a loud-mouthed Lincoln, President Trump would plough through Liberals wherever they nest: in our government, in our media, in our cities, in our schools and universities, in our prisons and entertainment industries.