Talented teenage Ambonese linguist speech in 14 foreign languages - Gayatri Wailissa

In TV Show Kick Andy, Friday, July 20, 2013 at 9.30 PM, Gayatri demonstrate its ability to communicate in foreign languages, introduced herself using 9 languages namely English, Arabic, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Mandarin, Italian, Bahasa Indonesia and the native language of her region, Ambon.

Gayatri Wailissa, 16-year-old girls from Ambon, Maluku, able to communicate in 14 foreign languages ​​including the native language, Ambon.

She is the ASEAN Young Ambassador for Children Issue and ASEAN delegation at the Children Conference in Thailand in 2012 and Nepal in 2013.

Gayatri Wailissa, a talented 17-year-old girl from Ambon, Maluku, who had mastered 14 foreign languages, passed away at Abdi Waluyo Hospital, Central Jakarta, on Thursday evening 10/23/2014 due to an artery in her brain bursting.