The picture, snapped by German government photographer Jesco Denzel, shows a standing Merkel with hands firmly planted on a table staring down at Trump, who is seated with his arms folded and eyes glaring. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stands next to Trump as French President Emmanuel Macron leans in next to Merkel.

A picture of U.S. President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel displaying less-than-friendly body language is turning out to be a defining image of the contentious meeting of the Group of Seven leaders of the world's advanced economies.

Let’s start with the May jobs report in 2018. US job growth sharply accelerated. Nonfarm payrolls increased by 223,000, smashing expectations by 33,000 jobs.

Manufacturing gained 18,000 jobs. Construction gained 25,000 jobs. Mining gained almost 6000 jobs. The jobless rate is now 3.8%, the lowest since November of 1969. Yes, I said 1969.

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