Small flower willow herb

Small flower willow

The scientific name of Small flowered Willow plant is Epilobium parviflorum. The herb belongs to the Onagraceae or the primrose family. Small flowered willow plant has delicate pink colored small flowers. It is very easy to grow and maintain this herb in the garden. The herb prefers moist soil and shade for growth.

How does it work?

It is said that Small flowered willow plant has high amounts of beta sitosterol. The herb also contains the following compounds – flavorglycosides such as quercetin, sitosterol glucoside, ellagitannins such as oenothein A and oenothein B, and Gallic-acid derivatives. All these compounds help in treating prostate, bladder and urethra conditions.

Health Benefits

The following are some of the herbal health benefits derived from using the extracts of Small flowered willow plant:

Prostate Complaints

It is said that as a man grows old, the problems of enlarged prostate starts appearing mostly due to hormonal changes in the body. In men above the age of forty, the testosterone levels in the blood gradually starts to decrease and other hormones increase significantly. As a result of these hormonal changes, the body increases the level of dihydrotestosterone which is a derivative of testosterone. An increase in the levels of this testosterone derivative leads to all the abnormal growth issues associated with the prostate.

Clinical studies have shown that Small flowered willow plant can significantly reduce dihydrotestosterone levels at par with leading prescription drugs. The herb is a popular choice for the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), prostatitis and cancer of the prostate.

Sexual Function

Complications due to the enlargement of the prostate can lead to low sex drive. Small flowered willow plant can be used to significantly improve sexual function in men.

Urogenital System

Along with the prostate, the herb can also protect organs constituting the urogenital system such as the kidneys, urethra and the bladder. The herb also helps in treating urinary tract infections in women.

To make tea, use a teaspoon of the herbal extract for every 16 oz. of water. Drink a cup of this herbal tea early in the morning and a cup in the evening before meals.


In an in-vitro study conducted in Vancouver, it was found that small flowered willow herb can effectively fight abnormal cell growths of the prostate. It was also highlighted that even a small dose of the herbal tea made using the plant can be used to treat problems of the prostate.

Many in-vitro studies conducted using the extract of small flowered willow plant also demonstrated the anti-oxidant properties of the herb. In terms of anti-oxidant properties, the herb can be equated with the properties derived from green tea. As an herbal remedy, it is also said that Small flowered willow plant can be used in place of Saw Palmetto as both contain some very similar and active compounds.