The Game Changers

Although parts of the film are credible, it’s been criticized for cherry-picking data to suit its agenda, making broad generalizations from small or weak studies, and being one-sided toward veganism.

“The Game Changers” is a pro-vegan documentary that follows the journey of several elite vegan athletes as they train, prepare for, and compete in major events.

The film takes a hard-line stance on veganism and meat consumption, even claiming that lean meats like chicken and fish are bad for your heart and can lead to poorer health outcomes.

It also offers a wide-ranging, surface-level look at some major areas of research regarding the potential advantages of the vegan diet.

The film suggests that vegan diets are superior to omnivorous diets because they promote heart health, decrease inflammation, lower cancer risk, and improve physical performance.

Research bias

The two alleged studies conducted during the film itself — measuring the cloudiness of professional football players’ blood and the nighttime erections of college football players after eating meat — were informal and unscientific.

“The Game Changers” has several notable drawbacks, including a strong pro-vegan bias and reliance on small, unscientific studies.

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