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「永恆」到底是什麼?敞開心靈聆聽一首好歌就知道了。 夜闌人靜時,靜靜傾聽一首好歌,品味那流金歲月的情懷,重溫年少純真的感動, 沈浸於柔美動人的歌聲中,至情、至真、至性,觸動心靈之美,徜徉於天籟之音的天堂裡, 默然回首,原來已深在「永恆」之中。

詞:王景羲 (莊奴,黃河) 曲:翁清溪 (湯尼)

山上有路 路難行咧
There is a path in the mountain, rugged and hard to walk,
彎彎曲曲 一層又一層咧
Meandering and undulating, layer after layer.
小哥要去看小妹咧 不怕山高路不平咧
The young man wants to visit the young lady, and fears not the high mountain and the rugged path.
山上石頭 大又硬咧
The boulders in the mountain are huge and hard
歪歪倒倒 一層又一層咧
Every which way, layer after layer.
小哥不怕硬石頭咧 只怕小妹心腸硬咧
The young man is not worried about the hardness of the boulders, except the unchangeable heart of the young lady.
路邊椰樹 高又高咧
The coconut trees on the roadside are taller and taller.
風吹椰樹 一搖又一搖咧
The winds are blowing these trees, rippling them again and again.
小妹愛哥身體壯咧 哥愛小妹身苗條咧
The young lady loves the strong young man, and the young man loves the shapely young lady.
香蕉樹上 結香蕉咧
On the banana plants are bananas.
樹上香蕉 一條又一條咧
The clusters are tiers after tiers.
哥和小妹一條心咧 小妹和哥心一條咧
The young man and the young lady share one heart.

李頻 Lin Pin 渡漢江 Crossing the Han River

Away from home, I was longing for news
Winter after winter, spring after spring.
Now, nearing my village, meeting people,
I dare not ask a single question.

翁清溪寫的曲子咚咚咚咚地,好像真有些山路巔跛坎坷難行, 從路上石頭,路邊椰樹,樹上香蕉,小哥一心一意就是要去找小妹。 妖嬌狂野的伴舞水蛇腰,顯出端莊嫻靜的鄧麗君。