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歌手:鄧麗君 作詞:瓊瑤 作曲:古月
電影:彩雲飛插曲 (1973)

問彩雲 何處飛 
Colorful clouds where are you flying?
I am willing to forever follow that wind to tail after you
有奇緣 能相聚 死亦無悔
In special fate that we are together, even dying for you is of no regret.
我柔情深似海 你痴心可問天
My tender love is as deep as the ocean, your sincerity is witnessed by the sky.
誓相守 長繾綣 歲歲年年
Vow to be with you, always, ages and years.

我怎能離開你 我怎能將你棄
How could I leave you? How could I abandon you?
你常在我心底 信我莫疑
You are always in my heart, no need to doubt me.
願兩情常相守 在一處永綢繆
Let our love bind us for life and tackle all life's problems
除了你 還有誰 和我為偶
Besides you, who else could be my mate?
藍色花一叢叢 名叫做勿忘儂
Blue flowers in clusters, they are called forget-me-not
願你手摘一枝 永佩心中
Please pick one of them, and always put that thought to your heart.
花雖好有時枯 只有愛不能移
Flowers may wither, but as long as love does not change,
我和你 共始終 信我莫疑
Together, from now to eternity, no need to doubt me.