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歌手:鄧麗君 作詞:黃仁清 作曲:黃仁清

Seeing that fish on the surface of the water swimming side by side
看那燕兒雙雙比翼 翱翔在天際
Swallows wing to wing hovering in pairs,
沒有什麼煩惱 沒有什麼憂慮
Absent of any worry and anxiety,
Being joyful in their hearts,
嘿我的朋友 展露你的笑容
Hey my friend, reveal your cheerful expression.
Please dont knit your brows again.
跟我一起走 奔向海闊天空 甜甜蜜蜜在你心裡頭
Accompany me to run toward the boundless horizons, with honey sweetness in your heart.