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Passover at Holy Redeember Church
  1. “Yahweh, Rapha, Elohim, Shaddai”:

    • These are names and titles for God in the Judeo-Christian tradition.
    • Yahweh is the personal name of God, emphasizing His eternal existence and covenant relationship with His people.
    • Rapha means “Healer,” signifying God’s ability to bring restoration and wholeness.
    • Elohim refers to God as the Creator and Sovereign of the universe.
    • Shaddai conveys God’s sufficiency and all-sufficiency.
    • Adonai is a divine title that translates to "Lord" or "Lord Master". Its etymology points to "sovereignty" and emphasizes God's supreme authority and rulership over all things.
    • Jireh means “God will provide” in Hebrew. Jireh signifies God’s dependability and His unwavering commitment to fulfill His promises.
  2. “Your glory is tangible in this place”:

    • The lyrics acknowledge that God’s glory is not abstract or distant; it can be felt and experienced.
    • The presence of God is powerful and transformative.
  3. “Awaken supernatural faith”:

    • The song encourages listeners to have faith beyond the natural realm.
    • It speaks of expecting miracles, signs, and wonders—things that go beyond human understanding.
  4. “If you worship, He will manifest Himself”:

    • Worship is a key to encountering God.
    • When we worship sincerely, God reveals Himself to us.
  5. “Jireh will manifest Himself”:

    • Jireh means “Provider.”
    • The lyrics express confidence that God will provide for His people.
  6. “And Rapha will manifest Himself”:

    • Again, emphasizing God as the Healer.
    • His healing presence will be evident.

Overall, the lyrics convey a sense of anticipation, faith, and reverence. They invite listeners to seek God, worship Him, and expect His manifestation in their lives.