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Teresa can sing anything and make people feel like they are home.

歌手:鄧麗君 作詞:斉木勉  作曲:信楽順三


At the street corner where unknown flowers were in bloom,
You sent me off silently.
At the foot of the arch-shaped bridge,
You were wiping your tears with your sleeve.
You looked like a boy in your cropped pants.
Ah ah, dreams are smiling.
A Shanghai Doll in a foreign country.
This is the memory of a Shanghai Doll.

Your words sounded like tinkles of a bell.
We talked each other by arranging Kanji (Chinese characters) on a note.
You braided your hair and took it down again.
This was your unconscious gesture.
Wind of the continent blew through the town that thrived in the past.
Ah ah, sudden nostalgia.
A Shanghai Doll in the foreign country.
A Shanghai Doll, a girl.