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Teresa's performance of a Japanese original song, "夫婦きどり (Fuufu Kidori)", meaning "Pretending a Married Couple", originally sung by 牧村三枝子 (Makimura Mieko).

詞:水木かおる Mizuki Kaoru   曲:遠藤實 Endou Minoru

抱けば そのまま 腕の中
Giving my arms to you, you are directly slipped into me
とけて 消えそな ああ おまえ
Ah, you look like melting away in my arms
夫婦みたいに 暮したい
"I wish to be with you like a married couple
せめて 三日でもねえ という
for at least three days, dont you think so?", you said
おまえに 嘘は つけない
You can never tell a lie
爪を かむくせ そのくせも
You had a habit of biting your nails
いつか 忘れた ああ おまえ
But, I forgot your habit while time passed
買った 揃いの おちゃわんに
When we bought a pair of matching china cups
夢が さめなきゃねえ という
you said "How I wish our tea does not get cold"
おまえの 顔が まぶしい
Your smile was dazzling
肩で 甘えて ついてくる
You whispered over my shoulder caressingly
白い うなじの ああ おまえ
Ah, you had white nuque
襟を 合わせて 寂しそに
Shaping up your neck sadly
雨に なるかしらねえ という
you muttered yourself "It looks like rain"


詞:林煌坤 曲:遠藤實

天下多少好夫妻 長在愛河裏
Many fine couples have always been in love,
從戀愛到結婚 總是甜蜜蜜
From courtship to marriage, experiencing constant sweetness.
說不完綿綿情意 愛在心裏
Endless affection and love in the hearts.
就是在那夢裏 也是心相繫
Even in their dreams they are body and mind.
你如果也一樣 誰都羨慕你
If you are like them, everyone will envy you.

人間神仙是夫妻 活在幸福裏
Like angels on Earth, they live in blessings.
從年輕到白頭 不忍輕別離
From young till old, even temporarily apart is too much to bear.
道不盡絲絲心意 無限愛意
Endlessly exchanging heartfelt loving thoughts and boundless affection,
縱然是看一眼 也是有默契
Even a glance at each other has a tacit understanding.
你如果也一樣 誰都羨慕你
If you are like them, everyone will envy you.