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作詞:羅大佑 作曲:羅大佑 演唱:高勝美

讓青春吹動了你的長髮 讓它牽引你的夢
Spring wind gently touches your hair to keep you dreaming
不知不覺這紅塵的歷史 已記取了你的笑容
Without being aware, man's history's got your smile so charming
紅紅心中藍藍的天 是個生命的開始
The blue sky in my red heart is my life’s new beginning
春雨不眠隔夜的你 曾空獨眠的日子
In sleepless autumn rain, the other night you slept alone
讓青春嬌豔的花朵 綻開了深藏的紅顏
Let spring delicate flowers blossom to show their beauty
飛去飛來的滿天的飛絮 是幻想你的笑顏
Flying feathers in the air are forming your smile so fascinating

秋來春去紅塵中 誰在宿命里安排
Year after year, by whom our fate is being done predestinate
冰雪不語寒夜的你 那難隱藏的光彩
Silent ice and snow in cold nights can’t stop you from shinning
看我看一眼吧 莫讓紅顏守空枕
Please, please come and see me, don’t leave me sleeping alone
青春無悔不死 永遠的愛人
My forever soul mate will be young always in my heart and soul
讓流浪的足跡 在荒漠裡寫下永久的回憶
Let the footprint in the desert write everlasting memory
飄去飄來的筆跡 是深藏激情你的心語
Your flying handwriting is words of your mind with passion burning
前塵後世輪迴中 誰在宿命裡徘徊
In the past and afterlife, around me, who is wandering
癡情笑我凡俗的人 世終難解的關懷
Those who laughs at me will never understand my deepest compassion.