Indiana Jones 4 Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones 4 Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Watch Indiana Jones 4 Kingdom of the Crystal Skull which comes out Thursday, May 22, 2008. Twenty-five years ago, Indiana Jones 1 Raiders of the Lost Ark came out and made over 100 million dollars and reached rank #16 on top 250 all-time movies on and also earned best picture in 1982. Twenty-three ago, Indiana Jones 2 Temple of Doom came out and made over 150 million dollars and was famous for Short Round and Kala-Ma. Twenty years ago, Indiana Jones 3 Last Crusade came out and made over 200 million dollars and was famous for the Holy Grail. And now Indiana Jones 4 Kingdom of Crystal Skull will follow the same trend and reach over 250 million dollar and will beat Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of Caribbean, and even Titanic which reached over 600 million! So now remember to make history and go watch Indiana Jones 4 this Thursday. Indiana Jones stars Harrison Ford who is now 66 and Shia Lebeof of Transformers. Directed by Stephen Spielberg who directed the previous three Indiana Jones movies as well as War of the Worlds. Stephen Spielberg said in a CNN article that this would not disappoint, and could potentially match Raiders. Watch the trailer at

After his triumphant victories in stopping the Nazis from obtaining world domination through the Ark of the Covenant which housed the Ten Commandments of Moses and God, in saving a terrorized civilization in India and restoring it back to peace and prosperity, and in preventing the Nazis once again from world domination by preserving the Holy Grail, Indy has returned after a nearly twenty year absence to save the United States from certain destruction, only this time it will be his toughest battle yet, in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The story is set in the 1957, where Cold War feud and tensions elevated drastically between the United States and the Soviet Union, at a time when fear of the nuclear and technological age devastated lands throughout. The massive power struggle between the democratic nations and communist nations frightened the lives of peoples everywhere. Indy is in his mid-60s and so things will not be the same as they used to be twenty years before; in fact, things will be only ten times worse than they were before. This time, the Russians are after the Crystal Skulls, which were thought to be unreal, however were discovered.

In total there are 13 Crystal Skulls, each of which represented powerful objects of symbolism of human history. These skulls are crystal in form, hence giving them the name Crystal Skull, and are also said to be 5,000 to 35,000 years old. Many archaeologists believed that the Crystal Skulls gave inhuman magical and healing powers, and as a result nobody believed they even existed. Others believed that the skulls gave the power to see in the past, present, and future. The 13 Crystal Skulls are mentioned and are sometimes referenced as religious representations in many religions including paganism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shintoism, Islam, and Judaism.

In paganism, the 13 Crystal Skulls were believed to give the carrier of these skulls unimaginable and invaluable supernatural powers, no one could ever dream of having. Powers of healing, immortality, and other godly powers could be obtained through these skulls. However, the downside of these skulls is that uniting all 13 Crystal Skulls would lead to sheer world destruction. Many pagans believe the skulls are located in South America, Mexico, or even Atlantis, a theoretical world under the ocean. In Christianity, the 13 Crystal Skulls are representations of Jesus Christ and his 12 Disciples, a total of 13. Each crystal represented the characteristic traits of each of them. In Buddhism, the Crystal Skulls represent the need for balance of power in the world. If all 13 crystals were obtained, the world would end in destruction. In Hinduism, the skulls, alike the Sankara stones, represented eternal and everlasting peace. In Shintoism, the skulls represented Heaven and Earth and also the need for their preservation. In Islam and Judaism, the skulls were thought to be lost prophecies handed down before God to the various prophets in the early ages.