Health = Nutrients / Calories

By Joel Fuhrman, MD

If you want to live longer, reduce your need for medications, lose weight faster than you ever thought possible, and dramatically improve your health, Eat to Live is the answer. Dr. Joel Fuhrman defines the scientific formula to improve health:

Health = Nutrients / Calories

The more nutrient dense food you consume, the faster your health will improve. Fat will melt away, the need for medication will lessen, and you'll reverse the disease process!

Table of Contents for Eat To Live

Chapter 1
Digging Our Graves With Forks & Knives: The Effects of the American Diet

Chapter 2
Overfed, Yet Malnourished: The Effects of the American Diet

Chapter 3
Phytochemicals: Nature's “Magic” Pills

Chapter 4
The Dark Side of Animal Protein

Chapter 5
Are You Dying To Lose Weight?

Chapter 6
Nutritional Wisdom Makes You Thin

Chapter 7
Eat To Live Takes on Disease

Chapter 8
Your Plan For Substantial Weight Reduction

Chapter 9
Sculpting Our Future In The Kitchen: Menus and Recipes

Chapter 10
Commonly Asked Questions

藥物有極限,營養是關鍵 - Dr. Joel Fuhrman